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When you hear the term ‘business sign’ or ‘business signage,’ what comes to mind? For some, it will be the exterior building signage the businesses—from retailers to restaurants—use to announce themselves to customers and invite passer-by inside. For others, the term will call to mind the various types of banners and posters that businesses use at exhibitions and other events to make an impression with potential clients.

At The Sign Shop, a vendor for different types of business signs in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Speers Point, we see validity in both of these definitions. In fact, the way we see it, a business sign can be any kind of sign or banner that helps your business. Sometimes, it can do that simply by announcing to customers, ‘Hey! This is our location!’ Other times, it can do it by broadening your brand reach at exhibitions. Heck, sometimes, a business sign might be a billboard, a huge marketing statement that announces your business as one that is serious about serving customers.

In other words, when you come to The Sign Shop looking for business signs in Newcastle or Speers Point, you aren’t just going to get a single type of marketing solution. On the contrary, we will discuss with you the many ways in which business signage can help to further your company mission statement. We will also help you to determine which types of signage are best for you, based on a number of factors—from budget to environment and beyond.

Types of Business Signage

At The Sign Shop, we provide a variety of different business sign solutions to businesses in Speers Point, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. Read on to learn about these signage types, as well as about when you might consider employing them for your marketing purposes.

• Exterior Signs: Make your place-of-business easy to find from the road. An eye-catching sign with a recognizable logo—or at least with your business name laid out in big, colourful and easy-to-read lettering—is huge for getting customers to actually walk into your business. We help businesses out with simple outdoor signs, window lettering, marquees and more.

• Event Signage: If you are going to bother setting up a booth at a business exhibition, then you need to give attendees a reason to actually stop by your booth. Attractive banners and signs are one of the best ways to do this, as they can help to make your business look professional, fun and innovative.

• Billboards: Need to make a big statement? Do it with a billboard! These big signs along highways and busy roads are perfect for announcing sales, publicising events or even just reminding locals what your business does and/or sells.

• Vehicle Signage: Give your business a mobile billboard, or brand your service vehicles with vehicle wraps and car signage. The Sign Shop can customise a sign or wrap for your personal car or for your business’s vehicle fleet.

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