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Nearly 30 years ago, The Sign Shop opened its doors in Maitland, providing event signage to Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Speers Point and other areas from a convenient and centralised location. We started as a family company, with a team of exceptional designers. In the years since, we’ve evolved not only into even more exceptional designers, but we’ve also picked up innumerable skills in marketing and customer service. Some of our clients might even tell you that we have a few stand-up comedians on our staff, just because of how we love to have a laugh with our customers!

Some companies or designers will tell you that experience doesn’t matter when it comes to event signage. They argue that, with a talented designer and a decent budget, a start-up company can offer a signage service that matches what a veteran 30-year company can provide. At The Sign Shop, we heartily disagree, and it’s not just because we are a veteran 30-year company!

No, we disagree because, when we take on an event signage project in Newcastle or Speers Point, it’s so much more than just a graphic design job. It’s a job that requires seamless interaction and communication with the customers, to understand what they are looking for and what they want. A skilled graphic designer with a vision is great, but isn’t worth much if he or she can’t meld his or her vision with the vision of the client.

Customer Collaboration for Event Signage in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

At The Sign Shop, we make client collaboration a very big part of what we do, not just because we love joking around with our customers and getting to know them, but also because we value our clients’ insight. So what if they’re not graphic designers? They know their business, they know their industry and they know a lot about how to market their events and products to a mainstream audience. In fact, it’s through chatting with and collaborating with our customers that we’ve learned a lot about marketing. And that knowledge, in turn, has made for better event signage in Speers Point, Lake Macquarie and beyond!

Resources and Experience

Over the 30 years in which The Sign Shop has been in business, we’ve also become a company that has the resources and experience to handle any kind of event signage needs you might have. Need a few small posters for a trade show exhibition booth? We can design and print them for you! Need a huge banner for a music festival, so that even the audience members 20 or 30 rows back can read what it says? We can do that for you!

With a portfolio as big as ours, chances are The Sign Shop has taken on an event signage project at some point that resembles what you need. Not only does this mean that we can handle virtually any project, regardless of size and scope, but it also means that we can quickly provide you with an accurate quote for what your project will probably cost!

Want to get a quote today? Call us at 02 4934 4899, and we will do our best to give you an accurate price for your event signage project is Speers Point, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle or Maitland!

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