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It is a simple fact that every business needs proper signage. Customers need to be able to find a business and a sign can help to build their brand. Many businesses will opt for LED signs, which have some distinct benefits over other types of signage. The Sign Shop, located in Hunter Valley NSW, is an award winning sign maker with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company has been providing a variety of signs to businesses in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Speers Point and all of NSW since 1986. With a team of expert designers, The Sign Shop has become the area’s one-stop shop for all signage needs.

Why Businesses Need Proper Signage

A business without proper signage, both inside and out, is at a serious disadvantage. A sign acts as a very inexpensive form of advertising and also legitimises a business. A sign in front of a business can help to target moving traffic. The average person will drive several hundreds of hours each year. Each time a driver passes a business sign, it makes an impression. This can help to attract new customers and continue to build a business’s brand. A sign is also a business’s attempt at a first impression. The sign is often the first time that a business is introduced to a potential customer. The more attractive a sign, the greater its potential to create new business and new customers.

Why Businesses Should Consider LED Signs In Lake Macquarie

When considering signs for a business, LED signs can offer some serious benefits. They are usually thinner and lighter, making them easier to install. Because they are lightweight, they are easier to ship and deliver. They also do not take up much space and can easily be moved if needed.

Many business owners seek LED signs in Newcastle because they are are brighter than other illuminated signs. They are still visible in direct sunlight and can be seen at great distances. LED technology is very cost effective, and these types of signs consume much less energy than other illuminated signs. In the long run, an LED sign can be more cost effective than a neon sign, to name one example.

Customers can choose from a variety of LED signs for their signage needs. The Sign Shop can design scrolling LED signs so that businesses can change their message when desired. A business can use the sign to advertise certain products, sales, specials, and more.

Choose The Sign Shop For Your Signage Needs

The Sign Shop is very versatile and can provide a variety of signage to local businesses and organisations. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing outlet in Maitland complete with the latest state-of-the-art computer assisted design and production equipment. This, combined with their outstanding staff, allows the company to provide a wide range of signage to the industrial, retail, corporate, and general business sectors. The Sign Shop specialises in providing signs for exhibitions and events, such as the 2014 Special Olympics.

The company has the ability to produce LED signs for Speers Point businesses or signs for the largest stadiums in Australia. To learn what The Sign Shop can do for your business or organisation visit the company online at thesignshopworld.com.au.

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