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The latest move in advertising is taking the world by fire. Vehicle signage is everywhere as advertisers are using what are essentially moving billboards to promote their brands. In Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and Speers Point, The Sign Shop is the area’s leader in producing car signage for businesses and organisations. The company has been in the sign industry since 1986 providing businesses with high quality, professionally designed products and exceptional customer service. The Sign Shop also produces a variety of other signs such as those for businesses, events, mining and safety, and more. As a result, the company has become the one stop shop for all vehicle signage in Newcastle as well as event and business signage in Hunter Valley.

Why Vehicle Signage In Speers Point Works

It is said that the average delivery truck makes tens of millions of impressions each year. This is a huge potential market for new customers. A vehicle with a custom designed wrap is out on the road each day acting as a mobile billboard for the business. While not everyone that sees the vehicle is a potential customer, there is bound to be at least some who are part of the business’s target audience.

One of the big reasons why vehicle signage works so well is because it is a form of non-intrusive advertising. Your business is not knocking on someone’s door trying to sell them something. There are no annoying phone calls during meal times, or an advertisement on every page of your favourite magazine. Potential customers see a car or truck outfitted with advertising and, whether people know or not, when they view it ideas have been put in their head. Some may act upon those ideas; others may not. They definitely will not if they never see the advertising.

Why Your Vehicle Signage In Lake Macquarie Should Come From The Sign Shop

With three decades of experience in the sign industry, it is safe to say that The Sign Shop knows what works and what does not. From their manufacturing facility in Maitland, the company produces superb quality signage using the latest in computer assisted design and production equipment. That signage includes products for corporate, industrial, retail, and general business customers. More and more clients are now requesting vehicle wraps, which can be printed and applied right at The Sign Shop.

It is important that the design is perfect. It is a key in the effectiveness of vehicle signage. Typically, an advertisement on a moving vehicle is going to be viewed for about 1.5 seconds. That is the amount of time that the ad has to make an impression. That is why the design is so important. You want to have the experience and expertise of a company that has proven that it can get the job done. The Sign Shop has and continues to do so. No matter the size of the vehicle, The Sign Shop can wrap anything that moves, from a ute to a truck to a bus. To find out more about how you can get a professionally designed vehicle wrap, contact The Sign Shop online at or call the company directly at 02 4934 4899.

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