The Benefits of Billboard Sign Rentals (And Who to Call for Billboard and LED Signage Hire in Central Coast)

Does your business need a billboard? Whether you are trying to expand your business to a new town or draw more foot traffic to your current location, it’s tough to beat a billboard for sheer visibility or impact.

At The Sign Shop, we are proud to offer billboard sign rentals in Central Coast. We provide a full service for designing and manufacturing steel framed billboards. Based on your specs—including colour, size, shape, and messaging—we can help you create the kind of billboard that can give your company a boost. We also specialise in LED sign hire in Central Coast.

Why You Need a Billboard

If your search for signage rental in Central Coast as brought you to billboards, then the chances are that you have already weighed some of the pros and cons. However, if you need an extra reason or two to invest in a big, bold billboard design, here are a few worth considering:

  • Visibility: At The Sign Shop, we offer various types of signage hires in Central Coast—ranging from shopfront signage to A-frames. Most of these types of signage need to be placed relatively close to your business location to have any impact. A big perk with billboards, though, is that they take your brand and make it more visible to people who aren’t right outside your store. Typically, you would place billboards along busy roads or highways, which means that they can get your brand messaging to more people than just about any other type of signage.
  • Well thought-out messaging: Billboards make you think about the branding message that you want to send to would-be customers. With other types of signs, you don’t need to think much about messaging at all, since a shopfront sign or lobby sign is usually just your brand name and your logo. With a billboard, however, you are renting a space for months at a time and only have a few seconds to make an impression as consumers pass. As a result, you need to put a lot of thought into the visual and textual facets of your messaging. At The Sign Shop, we often find that this extra pressure leads businesses to think up their smartest advertising strategies.
  • You pick the location: Billboard space is available for rent everywhere, which means that you can strategically choose the billboard location that is most likely to yield the results you want.

Call the Sign Shop to Learn More about Our Billboard Sign Rentals in Central Coast

Whether you need a billboard sign hire or an LED sign rental, Central Coast’s The Sign Shop can provide the services and expertise you need. We have been in the signage industry for 30 years, so we know how to advise you on everything from design to location placement. Give us a call on (02) 4934 4899 to learn more about our signage rentals in Central Coast.