Get Car or Vehicle Signage and Signs on the Central Coast

Want to know a great way to advertise your business? Want to hear about a great way to let people know about an important upcoming event? Using this method of advertising signage promises a lot of eyeballs and covers many territories. No, we’re not talking about television or newspaper, but your car. Car Signage on The Central Coast is a smart idea you should investigate. Vehicle wraps and car signage offer you a way to advertise 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People notice cars that have cleverly designed vehicle wraps.

Whether you’re looking for straightforward vinyl graphics or a complete wrap, contact us at The Sign Shop. Our professional designers will work with you to come up with Vehicle Signage on the Central Coast with just the right look. We want to help make your car stand out in a “Wow is that cool, I want to check them out” fashion. We’ve been operating in Maitland since 1986. We’re family and locally owned, and we believe in establishing long-term professional relationships with our customers. When you’re looking for the best in car signage or vehicle wraps, we want to be the one stop shop for all your signage needs.

Top-quality Car Signs on the Central Coast

Vehicle wraps that you apply to a car, van, truck, or bus are large sheets of vinyl film with a special adhesive on the back. Collaborating with a designer, your wrap can use photographic elements or branded images that advertise your business. They come in all manner of finishes and colours.

People often worry that using vinyl wrap on a car will damage the underlying paint job. That may be a concern if you’re trying to do it by yourself, but when you’re working with professional designers and installers, it’s not a concern. We use just the right amount of adhesive the appropriate tools to ensure a proper fit that can be removed later without damaging what’s underneath. Proper installation can take a little time, so it’s essential to work with us to help you plan the most suitable time to apply your vinyl wrap.

Car signage on the Central Coast, however, is much more than vehicle wraps. Custom decals or signs that attach magnetically to your car’s exterior are an easy and economical way to turn your car into a mobile ad.

Get car signage today

We are the shop you want to visit when you’re looking for the very best in signage. That’s true whether it’s for your building, the space in front of your store, something to hang over your booth at the local fair, or all around your car. We’ve long been known for creating quality signs for special events, such as music festivals, exhibitions and trade shows. We use the latest computer design and production resources to help create signage for customers. We are pleased that so many of them remain with us for repeat business and look forward to developing a continuing professional relationship with all our new customers as well. That helps us do the best job for you and provide you with the quality signage you desire.