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Finding just the right signage for your business or event goes a long way toward ensuring success for your venture. Well-designed and visually exciting signage peaks customers’ interest in your business. Eye-catching Electric Signs on the Central Coast are just one example of this. Your signs promote location, hours, special offers and inside your store guide your customers to the products they want. When you’re hosting an event, signs may even be more critical since they are less permanent. If you do not let them know your event is happening, people will not come. Signs are one of the best, and most economical, ways to promote any gathering for any purpose.

Whether you’re using Digital Signage on the Central Coast, electric signs, or LED displays in the store you want to call is The Sign Shop. We’ve been making signs for many retail and industrial businesses, as well as for numerous events, since 1986. We are a family owned company, located in Maitland, New South Wales. Our experienced staff is happy to help you through the process of finding just the right kind of signage you need. Whether it’s Digital Signage on the Central Coast or any other of the many types of signs we offer, we have what you need.

Think about using an LED Display on the Central Coast

It was around the late 18th or early 19th century that signs began to take on the added dimension of an art form. (Think of Toulouse Lautrec’s vivid posters advertising the Moulin Rouge in Paris in the late 19th century. Not only did they draw people to the establishment at the time, but today they are seen as works of art often worth tens of thousands of dollars.) After the introduction of electricity, it wasn’t long until someone figured out how to use it to create signs. Georges Claude created the first neon signs for the Paris Auto in 1910. (That’s one way to advertise your event – invent a whole new kind of sign.) Neon remained the most popular form of electronic signage until the 60s when LED displays became popular.

These days an LED display on the Central Coast can be as big as a billboard or as small as a poster. They can have so many pixels you could show a movie if you so wished. The great thing about LED displays is their ability to change a message regularly. This is also true of digital signage, more commonly found in department stores, doctors’ offices, or bus stations to name a few.

We have signage solutions

We are your one stop shop for all your signage needs. When you visit or call us, you’ll find excellent customer service and quality products. We can take your brand and help you create dynamic and arresting signage for your business. We also produce mining, roads, and safety signage for every occasion.

Whether you work in the corporate world, manage an industrial concern, operate a retail outlet or a mom-and-pop store we have excellent designers who can create the high-quality signs you need. We look forward to starting a long-term professional relationship with all our customers. Contact us today to get started.